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5 Ball Fascia Blasting Cellulite Massage Roller - Lavender

5 Ball Fascia Blasting Cellulite Massage Roller

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Maybe you recall the days when massage rollers were used as a torture device by personal trainers?

Those days have come and gone and now the secret is out.  Our 5 Ball Fascia Blasting Cellulite Massage Roller was chosen by The Mommy Makeover Skincare Co.’s skin care expert because of its streamlined design that plays a key role to success in your health, happiness and beauty.

As our 5 Ball Fascia Blasting Cellulite Massage Roller becomes a standard in the health and beauty industry we suggest incorporating 5 minutes of gentle stimulation on a daily basis.  This 5 minutes to a happier you is necessary for myofascial release which aids in:

  • minimizing the appearance of cellulite
  • releases trigger points & muscle tightness
  • decreases pain while increasing mobility
  • triggers a happy & relaxed feeling 

The importance of the 5 ball massage roller is the ability to attack multiple trigger points at one time.  This increases the effectiveness while decreasing wasted time.

Grab yours today and start incorporating your 5 minute massage session into your daily routine for the positive changes your body has been looking for.  Your skin and muscles will thank you 😘

In case you’re craving more:

Use with our Massage Oil and interchange your massages with our Silicone Cupping Set for a winning combination in the ultimate cellulite blasting massage game.

Start the self love and healing journey you deserve and pamper the skin your in.  Your inner goddess will thank you as you start your everlasting journey to happiness.

Don't miss another day without your 5 Ball Fascia Blasting Cellulite Massage Roller.

Try yours today.