Sold out✨ Thank you 🙏

When she calls...

Lantern for when she calls

I went to Thailand when my soul called to me. I know it may look crazy to the outside world but I’ve learned the reward of obeying her call far out ways the ridicule I get before jumping in.  This trip was no exception.

 As I look back, there was no ridicule at the start of this crazy adventure. I asked no one for permission and was gone before it was public knowledge, but still, no one told me to give my tickets to a homeless man this time.

Back to this being a no exception thing. I’ve been wondering and waiting for when my a-ha moment would come on this trip.  Blissfully, but continuously.

The obstacles I knew had to come, had yet to fall, and I was beginning to think maybe life had finally fully agreed with me.  I just needed a break, and that was it.


They fell this morning.  And as I saw no way out I decided to plow right through.

Relationship issues.  Ya that’s right, you heard me.  My amazing, perfectly built, wonderful, adoring, supportive, fantastic husband is in fact capable of turning my whole world into chaos at the drop of a hat.  Well, there is 2 of us , but that’s besides the point!

Anways, I was very busy being very hurt at my perception of the events that had transpired.

My soul was talking to me again, soothing me.

“Just move forward. Go get a massage.... and throw a facial on top of it.”  

Being in Thailand I had these tools available to me, but not without the gasp of “you can’t spend that money on yourself!”

Which brings me to another point.


Everywhere I looked for weeks before I left to Thailand (so before I knew I was leaving) my only message was lean the fuck in.

Feels weird but you feel a call,

     Lean the fuck in

Social Media

      Lean the fuck in

Scared to death

      Lean the fuck in

So I did.  I bit the bullet, spent the money on what my soul was telling me to do and just let go.

It was wonderful.

I hurt, 

I cried,

I meditated,

I rested,

I observed.

And you want to know what I learned?

His shit is not my shit, and then I spent the rest of the time with idea after idea of how I could grow Mommy Makeover while serving my people.

The women who silently carry the weight of the world on their shoulders... or, maybe not so silently anymore.

So, now, my soul told me it’s time.

Mommy Makeover’s making her next move.