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Our Story - The Mommy Makeover Skincare Co.

Our Story

We are here to nurture and empower women.
- one birth, one mama, one life at a time.

I am a full time mom, wife and employee.  After a year of marriage my husband and I started talking about a baby.  Even then I knew if a baby was in our future I would want a Mommy Makeover since getting my pre-baby body back was important to me. Only after my husband agreed did we start trying.  

We got pregnant and I didn’t think much more about my Mommy Makeover until after we had our little girl.  We decided on nursing so in the back of my mind I knew that would postpone my Mommy Makeover.  Then, one not so special day, my daughter was 3, I was about to be 30 and we had stopped nursing long enough to think about plastic surgery.  I was working so we were a 2 income household again and I decided it was time to start investigating this elusive Mommy Makeover I had known I wanted even before getting pregnant.

There was 1 plastic surgeon where we were living who offered the multiple surgeries that comprised the Mommy Makeover, so I made an appointment for a consult.  When I arrived I was excited and nervous.  A mom was leaving from her consult as I was sitting in the waiting room who’s emotions obviously reflected my own.  She was booking her appointment and the Dr. was congratulating her on her decision.  Then I was called in.

I was more curious at this point than any other emotion, maybe a little scared when I stepped behind the screen to take my clothes off (“My husband is going to be so mad!!  Oh, I’ll just gloss over the details”).  It was pretty uneventful.  The 2 points I do recall as obvious sales tactics, 1 when he looked at me like he was about to cry when I took the robe off and 2 when he asked if I wanted my back flanks (back fat just in case you didn’t know what he was talking about) removed as well.

Anyways, the punchline is, for all of the procedures I needed it was going to cost $30,000 with the discount and this of course did not including airfare (we live on an island) or accommodations for the time needed to stay close to his other office.  

$30,000!!  Ok… I want it.  Yes, it’s probably doable.  I should get a second opinion…. maybe in South Korea!  These were the thoughts running through my head.  I decided to postpone this investment, indefinitely.  As time went on  I was still to tired from, you know being a mom/working full time/wife, to get into any sort of real, regular, impactful workout routine.  We already ate healthy and in moderation, for the most part, so I kind of just let my Mommy Makeover fester on the back burner until one of my nightly youtube escapades (heeeeey get your head out of the gutter, you know when your dead tired but can’t sleep and social media is what slowly lulls you to sleep?  One of those escapades) lead me to plastic surgery alternatives. 

And then my thoughts started to wander...

I’ve been a licensed professional in the beauty industry for over 10 years.  I’ve worked with and for some of the best skincare lines out there!  I can come up with something, something with better ingredients and better results!  It's time to feel sexy in my own skin again… comfortable, I want to feel comfortable in my body again and be the positive image my daughter will mimic and that will one day define how she thinks of herself.

So this, my friends, is how The Mommy Makeover Skincare Co. was born.