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Jade Buddha

I was walking towards the night market when I saw the sign for Jade Buddha.  Without thinking my feet immediately changed course while google maps was screaming at me to go straight.

I followed the signs down the back streets, left, left, right.

I almost turned around, the backroads had zero airflow, and I had to see this night market.

My feet kept moving the way they wanted, regardless of what my brain was trying to coax them to do.

There it was.  Is this it?!  It looked like an apartment building.  I kept walking until I found the entrance.  Up to the steps, I removed my slippers and stepped inside.  My jaw dropped.

It wasn’t just one Jade Buddha; there was a slew of Jade Buddha’s.  Sitting around the base of the primary Jade Buddha was “lucky jade.”  The signs promised lucky powers to those who would only touch them.  And then there she was.  “The Mother,” she was the darkest green Jade stone I had ever seen.  Large and sitting at the right hand of Buddha.

I dropped to my knees and closed my eyes.  With both hands on her for I couldn’t tell you how long.  My wish, I wanted to heal... and to have patience?!

I am not the most patient person in the world, and I’ve never signed up for patiently learning patience.  Just yesterday, my hearts biggest wish was healing and learning.  Patience caught me off guard.

That was my wish; it had already been made with tears running down my face.  A monk had entered at some point during this altered state.  I saw him after I stood up and turned around.  

He was beaming at me.  I smiled back until I remembered the sorry state I’m sure I was in and embarrassed gathered my things and left.  I notice the pain in my lower back had disappeared, and suddenly, I had no place to be.

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